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Favourite Climbs

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ParagliderBrian Holmes

Paragliding in the Cederburg thermals of South Africa. Hooking into a Boomer low down below the Dasclip ridge and riding it all the way to 5000 ft. Trying to catch up with two Black tailed Eagles over the Varmsbadbergkop, no chance! Putting it all together for a 42 km ridge run in turbulent conditions which put many of the Hot Shots on the deck.

Climbing above the inversion on Schridian and Chino Dearg, with all the peaks of Locharber pointing their summits above a billowing sea of cloud. Scrambling over every pinnacle on Stach Pollaidh to sit in the sun on the summit, captivated by the grandeur of the North West Highlands.

Far more memorable has been the pleasure of the company. A grand day on Stanage with a Dutchman, a day climbing huge slabs with Yosemite Sam, an afternoon climbing above the sea along a Cornish Porcupine with a Literary Man, Eating hot dogs under an umbrella with a bunch of fellow lunatics while the rain poured down and the lightning flashed.